Ashes to Ashes and Afterplay Reviews

San Francisco Bay Times:  “superbly performed…an evening of fine acting”

The first production by new theatre company (Spare Stage) successfully mounts two difficult one-acts at the EXIT. Ashes to Ashes is typical of Harold Pinter’s circuitous dialogue and obscure characterizations. Brian Friel’s Afteplay borrows characters from Anton Chekhov. Both are staged with the same two actors on simple sets…… These actors (Murphy/Samson) and Director Stephen Drewes have fully realized the production, and given an admirable treatment of challenging subject matter. The sheer, inscrutable complexity of both plays is an intellectual exercise for the audience as well.

San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Overall, if this production has a fatal flaw, it’s that it is only being mounted for a two-week run.