Auditions for The Right Note

Spare Stage is holding auditions for

The Right Note (Concert Performance/Workshops)

books & lyrics by Jerome Joseph Gentes and music & lyrics by Rice Majors

directed by Laylah Muran de Assereto and music direction by Sheela Ramesh

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is updated to our contemporary world, where the major characters are competing on a singing reality TV show called The Right Note. At the start of the play, eliminations are down to eight contestants. The upcoming live TV episode will feature “Dynamic Duets,” during which the remaining contestants believe they will be able to pick their singing partners. One contestant has gone missing, though, and his twin sister takes his place during the dress rehearsal to keep him from being eliminated by default.

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This will be a an off-book, semi-staged concert performance of the entire musical.  Demo recordings of the songs using the cast will also be made during a separate recording session. There will be 6 performances; 3 performances one weekend with a week for the creative team to make adjustments based upon feedback from those and a couple of rehearsals to incorporate any changes before the last 3 performances.


June 30th (general)

@ Stagewerx 446 Valencia Street, SF

July 7th (callbacks)



+ pick-up rehearsals 12/8 & 12/9


11/30, 12/1 (8pm), 12/2 (2pm)

12/13, 12/14, 12/15 (8pm)

Recording session

after close TBD

Small stipend paid

non-AEA only

What to Prepare for Audition:

  • Two (2) contrasting 16-bar songs (an accompanist will be provided)*
  • One 1-minute contemporary monologue
  • If you don’t have a monologue prepared, we will provide a side for cold reading

*if only interested in the non-singing Emcee role, you don’t need to sing for us

What to Bring to Your Audition

  • One (2) copies of your headshot and resume
  • Sheet music in your key marked to 16-bar length

Casting Needs

  • Vi (F) fraternal twin sister to Sevas; she’s a struggling singer who does occasional session work; should be able to plausibly pass as her brother.  Alto.
  • Duke (M), charismatic, if insecure; thinks positioning himself as a country-style singer needing a female partner is a good competition tactic.  Baritone-tenor.
  • Lady O (F) she’s a fiercely aloof, proud, pop singer.  Soprano.
  • Fez-T (F) lesbian, a hip-hop singer who’s indifferent or possibly feigning indifference to being on the show; likes to break into rap without thinking.  Low alto.
  • Tobias (M) Midwestern, Andreas’s bestie, thinks pretending to be a German metalhead is a good competition tactic.  Tenor.
  • Andreas (M) Midwestern, Tobias’s bestie, thinks pretending to be a smacked-out metalhead is a good competition tactic.  Tenor.
  • Mariah (F) least experienced and most ambitious in the remaining group, she’s smart, savvy, and talented; capable of belting a song.  Soprano.
  • Mal (M) oldest in the group, male, he’s an emo-pop singer who doesn’t realize emo is sooooo over. Or is it coming back? Baritone-bass.
  • Sevas (M) Vi’s fraternal twin, he’s a good-looking, overly-assured, very talented singer (and ladies’ man).  Tenor.
  • Emcee (any) charismatic; non-singing role.
  • Announcer (any) professional; is always offstage or voice over; non-singing role.
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