Spare Stage is planning our shows for the next season and we need your help.  While we are working on getting grants, we have some challenges because we have been on hiatus and our budget is so small, we don’t currently qualify for most of them. Personal loans can only cover so much and ticket sales won’t cover all expenses, especially the ones that have to be paid long before the first ticket would be sold, like venue rental deposits.

Our first priority at the moment is to raise the funds necessary for the venue deposit and initial expenses for our planned Concert workshop performance of THE RIGHT NOTE.

Venue Rental for auditions, rehearsals, and performances: $3,200
Stipends for actors, music director, creatives, musicians, etc.:  $2,300
Other production costs (scripts, publicity, props, costumes): $1,200

Funds raised to-date: $1212*


Spare Stage is thrilled to be providing a significant development opportunity for this fantastic new musical. We had a very successful reading of the work in June 2017 with terrific feedback from attendees. In 2018 we will be workshopping the musical via six concert performances. Performers will be off book with light blocking and some minor production elements. We’ll perform three concerts and provide Jerome and Rice an opportunity to incorporate some feedback before presenting the work again for another three performances.  Our hope is that the resulting revisions will help get this musical production-ready. The reality is that ticket sales will only cover about 30-40% of the budget and we need at least half of the budget available before we ever sell a ticket.

As we refresh our programming after a hiatus or two, Spare Stage operates on an annual budget so small that we simply don’t qualify for most small grants out there.  So we’re coming to you for help.

About the Musical

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is updated to our contemporary world, where the major characters compete in a singing reality TV show called The Right Note. At the start of the play, eliminations are down to eight contestants. The upcoming live TV episode will feature “Dynamic Duets,” during which the remaining contestants believe they will be able to pick their singing partners. One contestant has gone missing, though, and his twin sister takes his place during the dress rehearsal to keep him from being eliminated by default.

“I had the pleasure of directing a 20-minute excerpt of this play in January 2016, and fell in love with the concept and really wanted to give Jerome and Rice an opportunity to help them develop the work and get it ready for the next level,” says Laylah, Spare Stage’s Artistic Director, of The Right Note. “After the reading in May, I am more convinced than ever that they have a viable concept that will be enthusiastically received.”

This new musical adaptation of Twelfth Night with a diverse cast of characters and terrific music deftly balances the whimsy inherent in this familiar mistaken-identity plot and inclusionary romance, with a nod to current popular culture — all of which is supported by well-crafted text and an engaging musical score.

“I’m deeply grateful to Spare Stage and to the wonderful cast that is helping us hear the ENTIRE script& score in combination for the first time.” Rice Majors (composer & lyricist) said of the private reading we held in May.

What Your Donations Will Help Pay For

Venue – we will be renting a 50-60 seat theatre space for a six performance run, in addition to the rehearsal space rentals for the four to five weeks prior

Cast and Production Team – we pay stipends to all of our actors, designers, the creatives, music director, technicians, and stagehands

Musicians! – we’ll be hiring a three piece band to play the music live at each performance

Props & costumes – there will be some minimal costuming and prop elements used during the performances


*With many thanks to:
Alan Olenjiczak
John Masselli
Genevieve Perdue
Madeline Puccioni
Michael Borque
John Andrew James
Dan Fernandez
Sally Dawidoff
Harry Lines
Bobby & Jason Wood