Year-End and Next Stage


The Year End Gap

Spare Stage needs your help.  We weren’t able to get the grants we had hoped for and while ticket sales for The Right Note were good, ticket sales alone are never enough to cover all expenses.  We had a very generous donor cover most of the gap for our production of The Right Note, which made it possible to cover the stipends for our fantastic cast and musicians! But we still need to raise roughly $500 for additional expenses coming due – venue, designer reimbursements, etc.  

Next Stage

We are taking a little bit of a hiatus to make sure that we’ve aligned our vision, desires, capacity, and funding realities.  Projects we’d like to do include: the full production of The Killing Jar by local playwright Jennifer Lynne Roberts (that we had to put on hold last year), a full production of Playland by Athol Fugard, a full production of Love, All by Dorothy Sayers and a series of staged readings and development of new works.  The reality is that we can probably only do one of these projects with our current funding base and only with significant private contributions. 

Anything you can contribute will help as we continue to apply for grants and build up the production cadence needed to qualify for the larger ones.


What Your Donations Will Help Pay For

Venue – we typically rent a 50-80 seat theatre space for a 3 to 4 week run, in addition to rehearsal space rentals for the four to five weeks prior and tech week (Roughly $6,000 per show)

Cast and Production Team – we pay stipends to all of our actors, designers, playwrights, technicians, and stagehands (Roughly $5,000-$8,000 per show)

Musicians! – some of the shows we want to do would include live music (Roughly $500-$900 per musician)

Artists & Artwork – at least one of the shows we want to do would require the commissioning or purchase of between 1-3 large scale artworks (estimated $1,000-$3,000)

Set, props & costumes – while we keep the focus on the performer, direction, and script and keep set to a minimum, there are costs associated with props, costumes, and set regardless of the size of the production and at least two of the shows we are interested in are period pieces (1960s Philippines and 1930s London) – (Roughly $500-$1,000 per show)

Publicity and other miscellaneous expenses – depending on the size of the cast, scripts alone can be a $100 or more, and depending on the number of performances programs can cost up to $300.  Not to mention photography and videography, graphic designers, and posters, postcards and other collateral. As well as expenses related to load-in/load-out, concessions, front of house and etc. (Roughly $800-$1,500 per show)


*With many thanks to 2018 donors:

Alan Olenjiczak
John Masselli
Genevieve Perdue
Madeline Puccioni
Michael Borque
Jerome Joseph Gentes
John Andrew James
Dan Fernandez
Sally Dawidoff
Harry Lines
Bobby & Jason Wood
Chas Belov
Karen Rorick
Kenneth Booth
Loren Gibrich
Michael Haritos
William Caston
Robert Ferguson
Luana Hernandez