The Right Note – Reading

I am very happy to say that the private staged reading we recently held at the Phoenix for The Right Note was by any measure I can give it, successful.  The purpose for the reading had been to allow Rice and Jerome to hear the first draft of the full script with the music and get feedback from an audience and understand where the rewriting process needed to focus.  I also was looking for some confirmation, of what I knew in my heart to be true; would people respond as enthusiastically to the work as I had?

The audience reception was indeed enthusiastic, the feedback was specific, honest, and endorsed the direction the musical is taking (which is the best kind of feedback). During the first act a small group of late arrivals took their seats, but discovered they were in the wrong theatre and I overheard one of them saying as they ducked out about five minutes later “oh, but can’t we stay to watch this, it’s so good.”

I am grateful to the cast who gamely made it through the awkwardness of songs playing from the speakers while we all watched them “pause” the action.  Not to mention putting up with my constant “no wait, Sevas can you enter from upstage left this time, not downstage right? {…} Oh, shoot, sorry, try that from upstage right instead…” as we tried to make sure all the comings and goings worked for the mistaken identity plot points.

As Jerome and Rice move forward with their rewrites and we gear up for the fundraising to make the workshop performances a reality, I am beyond excited and energized by what we saw.

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